Who first called the Holocaust"the Holocaust"?

Answer The term “Holocaust” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning, “sacrifice by fire.” No single person first used the term. As early as 1941, the term Holocaust described the destruction o... Read More »

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Who are the people sitting below the President's podium facing away from the President during the President's State of the Union Address?

What was the BBC during the Holocaust?

How to Remember the Holocaust?

Hungarian Jews at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp on May 24th, 1944. This was one of the hundreds of concentration camps where Jews were killed, tortured, starved, beaten, shot, or worked in forced lab... Read More »

How to Study the Holocaust?

So you are interested in learning about the Holocaust. This was a very important and tragic part of the early 20'Th Century, in Europe, and you would like to educate yourself more about the subject.