Who was the ruler of Japan during the Pearl Harbor attack?

Answer Emperor Hirohito was the ruler of Japan during World War II. Hirohito became emperor of Japan in 1928 and held the title until his death in 1989. Historical records agree that while Hirohito did no... Read More »

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Did the US military or President Franklin D. Roosevelt know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

There are books about the subject that indicated that the US knew.

What was the number of buildings destroyed in hawaii during the attacks on pearl harbor?

Japan's primary targets at Pearl Harbor were eight battleships anchored there. Because of this focus on the ships, the land and buildings were essentially left unscathed. After less than two hour... Read More »

How many US military personnel and civilians where killed during the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

What obstacles did the US military face when trying to put their radar tower on top of the highest peak in Hawaii during Pearl Harbor?