What was the name of the TV series some time between 1980-1990 that features a world wide campaign for president of the world in which one of the campaingers was the devil?

Answer Never heard about this TRU is not cancelled! The top answer is referring to (T)omb (R)aider (U)nderground. The question refers to a TV show starring Eliza Dushku, as a woman that often will reliv... Read More »

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What president was in office during World War I?

Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States during World War I. He "asked Congress for a declaration of war on Germany" on April 2, 1917, according to the White House website. The site also s... Read More »

Who is the president of Walt Disney World?

As of 2010, the president of Walt Disney World is Meg Crofton. She is responsible for 40 square miles of resort property and over 58,000 employees. Crofton previously worked in human resources, hot... Read More »

Does the president of the U.S have a button that can blow up the world?

ya, but don't worry, I don't think he´ll be able to figure out how to use it.

Who are the people sitting below the President's podium facing away from the President during the President's State of the Union Address?