Who was the pharaoh of Egypt during Moses& the 10 Commandments?

Answer The Pharaoh of Egypt during the time of Moses and the Ten Commandments was Ramses II, according to the History Channel. Ramses II reigned as Pharaoh for 67 years, devoting a great deal of energy to... Read More »

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Who was the first Pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

The first Pharaoh of Egypt was Menes, according to the Egyptian Student Association at Colorado State University. Egypt crowned Menes as Pharaoh in 3,100 B.C. Menes went on to unify Upper and Lower... Read More »

Who was the last great pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

The last great pharaoh of ancient Egypt was Rameses III. He reigned from 1187 to 1156 B.C. During his early reign, he finished his father's work at uniting Egypt, and under his rule Egypt successfu... Read More »

Who was Moses in ancient Egypt?

Moses was an important Hebrew leader and prophet born in 1391 BC. He freed the Jews from enslavement in Egypt and led them to the holy land of Canaan. According to the Book of Exodus, God gave the ... Read More »

Egypt: Power and water cuts across Egypt spark various protests?

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