Who was the owner of the Harley-Davidson company?

Answer In 1901, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson decided that motorized bicycles could be a desirable alternative to manually driven bikes. They drafted the help of Arthur Davidson's two brothers and... Read More »

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Who is the CEO of the Harley-Davidson company?

The CEO of Harley-Davidson Inc. is Keith E. Wandell. He worked for Johnson Controls Inc. for 21 years before coming to Harley Davidson in May 2009. He replaced James Ziemer who worked for Harley Da... Read More »

Who owns the Harley Davidson company?

Harley-Davidson Inc. is a publicly traded company with ownership spread among its shareholders. Harley-Davidson stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HOG. As of Jun... Read More »

What company makes choppers especially for Harley-Davidson?

Although many custom builders use Harley-Davidson parts for their custom builds, there are no companies or individuals that build choppers especially for Harley-Davidson. You might have seen choppe... Read More »

Why dont Harley Davidson riders wave back if you are not riding a Harley and wave to them?

I have many Harley riders wave at me while riding our Yamaha so I dont have a problem with it.