Who is the original singer of"Mustang Sally"?

Answer The song "Mustang Sally" was first recorded by Wilson Pickett. Pickett hailed from Pratville, Alabama and had several R&B and pop hits with Atlantic Records between the early 1960s and the early 1... Read More »

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Who is the original singer of take my breath away?

"Take My Breath Away" was originally performed by Berlin. The song appeared on the group's 1986 album "Count Three & Pray" as well as on the soundtrack to the movie "Top Gun." The song was later re... Read More »

Aint it annoying when Youtube deletes your account?

Ah that's never happened to me before, but if it did that would definitely suck.Edit- Wow that would suck ? Even if you took songs you shouldn't have (Even though you didn't know it was bad) They s... Read More »

What should an 11 year old do when shes bored?

As in Hummus? Ground up chic peas, and garlic I can't see why that wouldn't be good for you.

Can a girl get pregnant when shes sitting on a boy nude?

If his penis was not inside you or near your vagina, no. He would have to orgasm to get you pregnant, if he were near your vagina. If he was inside you, you can possibly become pregnant without him... Read More »