What is the oldest anyone has lived to be in history?

Answer The oldest person ever in history was Jeanne Calment of France. Calment lived to be 122 years and 164 days old. She was born on February 21, 1875, and passed away on August 4, 1997. She is currentl... Read More »

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Has anyone ever been hit by a train and lived?

People do live. A few months ago, on Oprah they had 'Inspirational Special Guests'. One was a pretty girl who was in her late teens (I think). Anyway, a few years earlier, she was depressed and dec... Read More »

Where is the best place you ever lived?

Is it bad that I've lived off only 7up for a year?

Well, any type of soda's not good for you, but I'm sure you've already heard this many times. It also depends on how much you've drank each day. One a day is not too bad, but if you've drank one tw... Read More »

For those who have lived in Maui HI?

I'm from Sacramento. Best decision ever to move to Maui. But I am 22 years old, so my experience is a little different. But the vibes, aloha, and genuineness of the people are so unlike the mainlan... Read More »