Who was the murderer and why?

Answer i think was thomas..he is lying

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Im a murderer?

Absolutely not!!. He should have hung himself BEFORE he raped you.You need to talk with someone about this to help you.

How to Hide from a Murderer?

Very few people will ever need to use this. But, you may just be the unfortunate one who will have to hide from a murderer, so follow these steps and tips and live your life to the max!

How to Make a Murderer on the Sims 2?

The game already has a murderer, Olive Specter (unless, of course, you can think of some other reason why there are so many gravestones on her lot) but the fun of making your own is a blast.

How do you make murderer on Alchemy?

1.Use tool on snake creating poison 2.poison + weapon 3.poisoned weapon + human