Who was the murderer and why?

Answer i think was thomas..he is lying

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Im a murderer?

Absolutely not!!. He should have hung himself BEFORE he raped you.You need to talk with someone about this to help you.

How to Look Like a Murderer for Halloween?

Halloween offers ordinary, well-behaved people the chance to be something, and someone, else for the night. The dark aspects of human nature, societal taboos and chaos are all celebrated as the chi... Read More »

How to Hide from a Murderer?

Very few people will ever need to use this. But, you may just be the unfortunate one who will have to hide from a murderer, so follow these steps and tips and live your life to the max!

How to Make a Murderer on the Sims 2?

The game already has a murderer, Olive Specter (unless, of course, you can think of some other reason why there are so many gravestones on her lot) but the fun of making your own is a blast.