Who was the leader of the Transformers cartoon?

Answer In the original animated cartoon "Transformers," there were two leaders. Optimus Prime led the heroic Autobots, while the sinister Megatron led the evil Decepticons. Both characters re-appeared in ... Read More »

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Who created the Transformers cartoon series?

The Transformers cartoon series was created by Marvel Productions along with Sunbow Productions in 1984, as part of a three-pronged marketing approach with Transformer toys and comic books. In all,... Read More »

Is Times Warner releasing a new Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series on Cartoon Network?

The fell beasts from lotr remind you of a similar creature from a cartoon does anyone know that cartoon?

NO! it is a interactive educational show that even adults will enjoy. Although the show is geared towards children ages 1-5, I have watched many episodes that I laughed along with my now 2 and half... Read More »

Can anybody tell me the cartoon and or name of the female human cartoon character who played a Southern belle and who often uttered the phrase really I do really?

"Goldimouse and the Three Cats " - [5.23 minutes into the cartoon.] see link to the cartoon .