Who was the leader of the Mexican army during the French& Spanish War?

Answer General Ignacio Segua­n Zaragoza was the leader of the Mexican army during the French and Spanish War. He defeated the French, who were on their way to Mexico City on May 5, 1862. The defeat of th... Read More »

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What country was Adolf Hitler the leader of during WWII?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during World War II. He led the National Socialist Party--better known as the Nazi Party. He was chancellor and Fuhrer--or leader--of Germany from 1933 to 194... Read More »

How to Be Someone Who Has No Leader, Does Not Want a Leader, and Is Not a Leader?

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Which Iranian leader was overthrown in a CIA-inspired coup during the early 1950s?

The democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mosaddeq. In 1953.

What president was shot down as an air force pilot during world war 2 and served as Chairman of the CIA during the 1960s and 1970s?