Who was the last person you made a cup or mug of coffee for?

Answer Hubby....its 24/7 with him...sheesh!! lol

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When was the last time that your brand of coffee sent you a check for drinking or recommending their coffee?

Uh, never. It's not a common practice where I live.

How often should a fresh pot of coffee be made if you drink coffee all day?

I drink it til it's gone and then it's time for another. I'm down to 2 pots a day myself. As long as it's hot I'll drink it all day long. LOL

Are you a Coffee or a tea person?

cofee. espresso strength, but in mugs full!!!! I'm a caffiene junkiex

Are you a tea or coffee person?

Both!Hot Tea in the winter and Iced in the summer but Coffe at restaruants most of the time......if the dont have lemons. i lOVE lemons in my iced tea!! but not lemon juice..whole lemons and bunche... Read More »