How long do moon phases last?

Answer It takes the moon about a month to go through all of its phases. The moon cycle includes the new moon and full moon, the first quarter moon and third quarter (half moons) and the phases that occur ... Read More »

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Last nasa mission to see dark side of moon?

There is no literal "dark side of the Moon"; both sides get light when they face the sun as they go around the Earth every 29 or so days. Most people mean the Far Side of the Moon. That can't be se... Read More »

How long will a foot print last on the moon?

We can't be absolutely sure how long a footprint will last on the moon since it might or might not be struck by a meteoroid or other cosmic debris, but potentially it could last for billions of yea... Read More »

When did NASA last send astronauts to the moon?

Apollo 17 was the last manned moon mission. It was launched December 7, 1972 and splashed down back here on Earth December 19, 1972.

NASA's last trip to the moon was in this year?

Now, if we knew that, then we wouldn't need to do the research, would we?