Czar Putin: Is he a hero or a villain?

Answer Like all humans , both at the same time .Shades of Grey , niether black nor white .Is he light Grey or Dark Grey though ? Jury is still out on that one .

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Is Russia a member of FDA?

Russia is not a member of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Russia has, however, signed a memorandum of understanding with the FDA on "technical cooperation and information exchange on food s... Read More »

How to Call Russia?

The Russian Federation, or more simply known as Russia, covers an area of 17 million kilometers, making it the largest country in the world. If you know someone from the region, give them a call by... Read More »

When did russia go bankrupt?

Russia, then known as the Soviet Union, went bankrupt in 1991. The Soviet economy had been struggling long before the bankruptcy, and the lagging economy eventually led to its demise. After the col... Read More »

Who has a stronger navy US or russia?

Not even close, US wins by a landslide. Russia has ONE active aircraft carrier! Compare that with our 10 (and 3 more in the works). Ships capable of firing guided missiles? US 81, Russia maybe 20 o... Read More »