Who was the last American drafted into the military?

Answer America's generals love to brag about their all-volunteer Army. That's because they tend to overlook Jeffrey Mellinger. He donned his Army uniform for the first time on April 18, 1972, about the ti... Read More »

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Can your only son be drafted into the military by the us?

There is no draft, the United States military is 100% volunteer.

Why are women not allowed to be drafted in the military?

currently no one can be drafted in the military. there hasn't been a draft for over 30 yrs. although every male at the age of 18 has to register for selective service. not the draft

Who is a military philosopher who influenced American military thought during the 19th century?

Yes, a femur rod CAN prevent enlistment in the US military.I cannot say that it will automatically disqualify you from every branch all the time, but in my specific case I was denied a waiver by th... Read More »

Does the military accept diplomas from private high schools... I got my diploma from American academy of Pinecrest ...and i was wondering if the military accepts these kind of diplomas?