Who was the lady that gave birth to octuplets?

Answer Kate glossen

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So the woman who gave birth to octuplets says she wants to breastfeed them all?

Her babies are quite small, and won't need much for the first few weeks. She can probably pump enough for all of them to start. After that they will probably need to supplement what she can make,... Read More »

What rights do surrogates have to the child that they gave birth to and gave away?

Once biological parental rights are terminated (TPR) and legal adoption of the child is complete, the adoptive family gains and maintains all rights to and responsibility for the child.

If men gave birth?

Pretty much. They really have no idea how freakin painful it is to give birth. Mine still insists that if I had "breathed" differently I would have a easier delivery. I'm pushing a watermelon ou... Read More »

If you gave birth, or going to?

I felt relief that it was over (pregnancy and birth). I couldn't see straight because I'd been pushing so hard- they put him on my tummy after he was born, and I felt his squishy hair and said "my ... Read More »