Who was the inventor of the yardstick?

Answer In the middle of the 10th century, King Edgar of Winchester, England, began using the "yardstick" as the standard measurement. Henry I decreed in the 1100's that the official measurement would be t... Read More »

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How do I use a yardstick?

Place the yardstick next to the item you are measuring. The zero on the yardstick should match up with the beginning of whatever you are measuring.Mark where the yardstick ends on the item you are ... Read More »

How many meters are in a yardstick?

One yardstick equals 3 ft. There are 91.4cm in a yardstick. A meter is 100cm. A yardstick is just under a meter. An additional 8.6cm are needed to make a meter. Therefore, there is .914 meter in a ... Read More »

How many inches in a yardstick?

A yardstick measures 36 inches long. In the imperial system of measures, a yard equals three feet and each foot equals 12 inches so you multiply three by 12 to find that there are 36 inches in a ya... Read More »

How many inches are in a yardstick?

A yardstick is a linear measuring device that is three feet long. Since there are 12 inches in every foot, you would multiply 12 times three in order to calculate the number of inches in a yard sti... Read More »