Who was the inventor of the panoramic camera?

Answer The earliest example of a panoramic camera used daguerreotype plates measuring 19 to 24 inches long, and covered an arc of 150 degrees. Austrian Joseph Puchberger filed the 1843 patent. Daguerreot... Read More »

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Who invented the panoramic camera?

The first panoramic camera was attached to a hand crank, so it could swivel up to 150 degrees, used daguerreotype plates 19 to 24 inches long and had an 8-mm focal length. It was invented by Joseph... Read More »

What camera is best for this panoramic style photography?

In the "good old days" of film photography, panoramic shots were all a bit hit and miss.Mount the camera (any film camera) on a tripod. Focus on one far edge of the landscape, say the left.With you... Read More »

I would like to take some professional panoramic pictures so what is a good camera and lense?

Who is the inventor of canon camera?

There is no such Canon camera. Those sold under that name are cheap Chinese toys being sold to unsuspecting buyers.