Who was the inventor of the acetylene torch?

Answer The oxy-acetylene torch was invented by a metalworker named John Harris from Cleveland, Ohio in 1899. He was originally trying to find a way to make synthetic rubies. The torch was exhibited in the... Read More »

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How to Set Up an Oxy-Acetylene Torch?

One of the handiest tools a do-it-yourselfer can own is an oxy-acetylene torch. Learning to use one of these marvelous tools is easy and, with a little time and some practice, a handy person can lo... Read More »

How to Set Up an Oxy Acetylene Torch?

An Oxygen Acetylene torch is a tool used to bond two pieces of metal together by means of extreme heat. In addition, Oxygen Acetylene torches can be fitted with a "Cutting Head" and used to cut one... Read More »

How to Light an Acetylene Torch?

Acetylene is a highly-flammable gas that has multiple uses in the construction industry. When matched with oxygen, acetylene burns hot enough to cut through steel and when mixed with air, it is a p... Read More »

How do I Set Up an Acetylene Torch for Cutting?

Oxy-acetylene torches cut through steel faster than most other cutting tools. Igniting the acetylene creates a hot stable flame. Oxygen increases the temperature of the flame and increases the velo... Read More »