Who was the inventor of poodle skirts?

Answer Michael Hamilton takes credit for inventing poodle skirts in the early 1950s. In a March 2005 interview with Hollister Free Lance, Hamilton said she made them in her neighbor's barn in Montecito, C... Read More »

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What is the origin of poodle skirts?

The poodle skirt was a "circle skirt" designed by Juli Lynne Charlot in the 1940s. She made a line of circle skirts featuring dogs, one of which was a poodle, and these became a great hit in the 19... Read More »

Who wore poodle skirts?

Poodle skirts were worn by young women during the 1950s. The full skirts were supported by nylon or net petticoats underneath and adorned with decorative appliques such as a poodle.Source:Fifties W... Read More »

When were poodle skirts worn?

Poodle skirts were worn in the 1950s. They were a flared skirt, with a poodle applique. Girls typically wore saddle shoes with them. Skirts and dresses were the mainstays of a woman's wardrobe in t... Read More »

Poodle Skirts & Sweaters in the 1950s?

Poodles were seen everywhere in the '50s; from purses to wastebaskets. They were made of ceramic, plastic and fabric. There was even a poodle haircut --- a short bob with curls on top --- populariz... Read More »