Who was the girl who won on a reality show where the prize was a role on 'One Tree Hill'?

Answer The girl's name is Caridee English. She won a challenge on the reality show America's Next Top Model cycle 7 and won the role of, ironically, a model who wins the attention of Mouth for the episode... Read More »

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What is the hills is it really a reality tv show or a show based on a reality tv show?

The Hills, Is not a reality show, it is reality in the way that, they are filming in real locations in public places and so on, but multiple takes are done and it is somewhat scripted, hence it not... Read More »

Is the benny hill show a variety show, sketch comedy show, or sitcom?

Do reality shows show any reality at all?

Yes some do that's actually funny for a person to ask that i watch many many reality shows and yes they are true some. some are true.

What early 70's kid show had a guy with dark hair walking through a park and then reaching the giant tree The tree has a bird squirrel and maybe more Anyone remember and name this show?

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