Who was the general who oversaw the Manhattan Project?

Answer Gen. Leslie Groves was the overall commander of the Manhattan Project, which ultimately led to the first successful construction and detonation of a nuclear weapon. Work on the project occurred in ... Read More »

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Who oversaw the creation of the new testament?

No single person oversaw the creation of the New Testament. It is a compilation of a number of writings by different authors, accumulated over several centuries. Which works are included varies dep... Read More »

What is the limit per project to the commercial general aggregate?

This will vary with the surety company and the state in which you reside. No easy answer.

Is anyone a Physical therapist(DPT) that lives in Manhattan (midtown,upper east/west side, lower Manhattan)?

Living in Manhattan is great. You are usually only within 20 minutes of anything you need and that includes transporation getting there. However, finding a decent affordable apartment is almost i... Read More »

Can we as a fiscally sponsored project get our own general liability insurance before we have our own nonprofit status?

You do not need any qualifications to sell General Insurance. However, you do need to be working for an FSA registered company that has a compliance structure. This means that if you do not follow ... Read More »