Who was the founder of the New York colony?

Answer The New Netherland colony of New Amsterdam, which later became known as New York in 1664, was originally founded by the Dutch colonial governor Peter Minuit in 1626. It wasn't until the colony was ... Read More »

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Who was the founder of the South Carolina colony?

South Carolina did not have a true founder, though King Charles II founded the Carolina colony--encompassing both North and South Carolina--in 1663. Seven years later, Sir John Yeamans led 200 colo... Read More »

Important Cities of the New York Colony?

Before New York was a state, it was one of the 13 original colonies. Founded by the Dutch in 1628, when it was called "New Netherland," the colony of New York eventually came under British rule. Du... Read More »

New York Colony Facts for Kids?

America's 13 colonies, stretching from New Hampshire to Georgia, provide much of the early history of the United States. New York's location made it central to the success of early America. Its imp... Read More »

What exactly is "the colony" about?

In 2045, the Earth is hit with the next ice-age which forces any survivors to live in underground bunkers. Basically there are two Colonies left. Colony 7, and Colony 5. Short on supplies, and plag... Read More »