Who was the first woman to join the military?

Answer The first known woman to join the United States Military was Deborah Sampson. According to, at 21 she enlisted in the Continental Army as a man under the name of Robert Shur... Read More »

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Who was the first woman in us military?

The first American woman soldier was Deborah Sampson of Massachusetts. She enlisted as a Continental Army soldier under the name of "Robert Shurtlief". She served for three years in the Revolutiona... Read More »

Who was the first female to join the military?

Vulcan Crewman M161A1 20mm Gatling cannon Anti Aircraft A towed version of the popular aircraft mounted guns. Six barrels firing at an average rate of 6000/rpm. There was also a version of it m... Read More »

When did Mexicans first join the U.S military?

when the United States "annexed" northern Mexico ie California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona, Colorado,Nevada,wyoming,Utah. There are still many Mexican descended Military personnel serving in the US mi... Read More »

What is the name of the first woman to be in charge of all the female us military unit?

Military orders are very easy to follow, they are very literal. If your reporting date is 16 August 2009, you report on 16 August 2009. Typically, if you are reporting stateside, you will report to... Read More »