Who was the first u.s. president to visit europe while in office?

Answer President Woodrow Wilson was the first president of the United States to visit Europe while he was in office. He visited France during 1918 and was greeted with a hero's welcome for the U.S.'s role... Read More »

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Which is better to visit Australia or Europe?

Depends on what you want.If you want 1000 year old cathedrals then go to Europe.If you want outdoors, beach and such then Australia is the go.

Must visit places in Europe?

Plenty of places in Europe fulfill your request, apart of England Ireland and France, most people would recommend you to visit: Italy and Germany also.And in my opinion you should visit Denmark and... Read More »

Where is the most exciting place to visit in Europe and why?

I believe Scandinavia with its nature, diversity and rich cultural heritage will be worth your while :) And if it's excitement and thrills you seek, there are a lot of Norwegian fjords with sites l... Read More »

Cheapest Cities to Visit in Europe?

A trip to Europe is a culturally rich experience but it can put a dent in your bank account. However, there are cities in Europe that are relatively cheap compared to their counterparts. It's not j... Read More »