Who was the first to use camera obscura?

Answer Although the Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti described a device in the fifth century B.C. quite like a camera obscura, the Islamic scholar, Abu Ali al-Hasan Ibn al-Haitham is noted as having first used i... Read More »

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What year was the camera obscura made?

Why is night gallery dvd 2 missing footage of Big Surprise like crows becoming more agitated as episode continues and Camera Obscura like scary faces superimposed throughout?

What was the first available digital camera that was comprable to a 35mm film camera?

The first digital camera based upon the body of a 35mm camera was the Kodak DCS420 (based upon a Nikon body)…Really the first digital camera to match film... Read More »

Camera Experts..! I need help to choose my first Camera..?

You have asked many questions. Let's just compare cameras first. This tool compares the H200 and the WX150.…Scroll down to compare each to the HX10V.1. CMO... Read More »