How to Name Your Screamo Band?

Answer Ever had a group of buddies and wanted to start a screamo band but you couldn't decide on a cool name? To fix that read this article.

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How to Dress Like a Screamo Band?

Indian Summer, a real Screamo/emo band.So you've always listened to real screamo and wanted to become a part of it? Read on to see.

Cool unused screamo band names?

well you could be:prancy bunniesflower powerpretty in pinkor my favoriteSHOPPING TIME!

How to Sing Screamo?

Screamo singing isn't really screaming, as the name suggests.

How to Do Deathgrowl ( Screamo )?

Do you ever wonder how to do a deathgrowl ? Well , I have some few awesome and easy tips for you to learn that :D But I have to warn you that doing screamo will also damage your vocal chords a li... Read More »