What is the first day of the week in Mexico?

Answer The word "Domingo" has two meanings in Latin "Day of the Sun," which is derived from the ancient Greeks, but also from the word "Dominica" (Day of our Lord), which is the day following the "Sabath"... Read More »

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Who were the first people living in Mexico?

Long before the rise of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec empires, Mexico was ruled by the Olmecs. The Olmec people established a sophisticated culture of art, agriculture and trade in the states now kno... Read More »

Who was the first president of the US who was a CIA director?

The first president who was director of the CIA?

If the government really wanted to prevent drugs from entering this country, they would. However, if you are looking for a non-conspiracy theory answer, look at how much money we spend every day on... Read More »

My sister is returning from Mexico after 2 yrs, would it be dumb to make her first meal in the US a MX dish?

i'd probably make something a little more homestyle... mashed potatoes and pot roast or something.