Who was the first person to sing"Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes"?

Answer Carl Perkins wrote, and was the first to record, the song "Blue Suede Shoes." The song was based on a suggestion from Johnny Cash and was the first crossover record to sell in the three main market... Read More »

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How do you clean a blue blue peter badge step by step?

Carly played byMiranda CosgroveSam played by played by Nathan Kress

How to Draw a Cartoon Person Step-by-Step?

Cartoon drawings are some of the most fun art projects for an art student or enthusiast to do. Creating a cartoon person is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon or as an expression of personal crea... Read More »

If someone has anthem blue cross blue shield through his or her current employer can that person be added to their spouse's insurance which is also anthem blue cross blue shield?

I'm not positive on this since my license was in Home Owner's and Auto Insurance, but I think the answer is yes. If you both have a separate health insurance policy through your jobs, then each of ... Read More »

What is the first step in caring for a person you think may be having a heart attack?

Call for ambulance or shout for help.Sit or lay him down and make sure he is comfortable.Loosen tight clothing around neck and/or waist. If he has medication, advise him to take it (for example GTN... Read More »