Who was the first person to say "vegetarians don't get enough protein"?

Answer It's all about talking out of their a**.People LOVE to talk like they know everything, they LOVE to believe that they are omniscient, but are some of the laziest people because they can't lift a fi... Read More »

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PROTEIN for Vegetarians ?

The likelihood of your lack of energy being due to lack of protein is infinitesimally tiny.Eat food and you get protein. Protein is difficult to avoid getting enough of.What it's more likely to be ... Read More »

Sources of protein for vegetarians?

This question was asked yesterday. I have no idea why it's such a problem. I've just copied and pasted my answer for you.Lentils - 26g per 100gCheese - 21g per 100gTofu - 8.1g per 100gPotatoes - 2g... Read More »

Is this protein shake suitable for vegetarians?

Whey protein is vegetarian though a vegetarian may decline using it due to some of the whey coming from rennet based sources or the ethics of the dairy industry.But in terms of there being any anim... Read More »

What are some good protein substitutes for vegetarians?

Not trying to sound like a smart alec, but if you're worried about a protein deficiency, maybe you should reconsider your decision not to eat meat.Otherwise, tofu is good.