Who was the first person to say "vegetarians don't get enough protein"?

Answer It's all about talking out of their a**.People LOVE to talk like they know everything, they LOVE to believe that they are omniscient, but are some of the laziest people because they can't lift a fi... Read More »

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My mom is worried I dont get enough protein?

NUTS for protein.for calcium...almond milk…Almond milk is rich in calcium, providing the same amount per cup as cow's milk and soy milk.andhttp://www.fitd... Read More »

I a vegeterian but dont get enough protein in my diet?

peanut butter is a great source of protein. Also try your local health shops for advice like Holland & Barrett. Quorn do some fantastic ranges of food so variety is never really an option. I hav... Read More »

Describe the function of protein in times when a person does not have enough glucose to use for energy product?

the protein gets converted to glucose, for use as fuel. the process is desribed belowthe protein comes can come from muscle or food.

PROTEIN for Vegetarians ?

The likelihood of your lack of energy being due to lack of protein is infinitesimally tiny.Eat food and you get protein. Protein is difficult to avoid getting enough of.What it's more likely to be ... Read More »