Who was the first person to go to space on vacation?

Answer According to BBC News, billionaire Dennis Tito become the first space tourist in 2001. Tito paid the Russian space agency about $20 million for an eight day stay aboard the International Space Stat... Read More »

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How bad must the person feel who went on vacation to Mexico and than brought back the swine flu with them?

yeah, they probably got a gender change and a new name and moved to South America

Who was the second person to go into space?

AnswerAlan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. from the USA, on May 5th, 1961.

Who was the first person from NASA in space?

When was Americas first two person space flight?

Today in 1965, Gemini 3 took off from Cape Kennedy with Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young in it.