Who was the first on BBC in 2002?

Answer Sir Alex Ferguson said "They [the BBC] did a story about my son that was whole lot of nonsense. It all made-up stuff and 'brown paper bags' and all that kind of carry-on. It was a horrible attack o... Read More »

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NASA first sponsored a contest to create what in 2002?

How to Replace the First Oxygen Sensor on a 2002 4-Cylinder Honda Accord?

Driving your 2002 Honda Accord with a bad oxygen (02) sensor will not only cost you more in fuel consumption, but also could cause damage to the catalytic converter, spark plugs and other component... Read More »

First aid: should I clean wound first or apply pressure first?

If the wound is actively bleeding, you should always apply pressure first to try to stop the flow. A person will die much more quickly from loss of blood than an infection that can be treated with ... Read More »

Had sex on the first day first hour and mensus stopped - what could be the reason you are pregnant?

Answer If you have confirmed pregnancy, it probably did NOT happen right after your period ended. You probably had it that mont before about 12 - 16 days AFTER that period.