Who was the first marvel comic character?

Answer Founded in 1939 under the name Timely Publications, Marvel Comics #1 introduced the android superhero the Human Torch and the anti-hero Namor the Sub-Mariner. In 1941, the company introduced the fi... Read More »

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What marvel superhero comic did Bugs Bunnys whats up doc first appear?

How to Create a Comic Character?

Every comic needs a comic character. Without characters it's just scene after scene, but characters with no personality make the whole idea pointless! So how do you make good characters? Well...

How to Make a Comic Character Online?

Making a comic character, such as a superhero for a comic strip, online is very simple. There are quite a few websites that have free tools that allow you to quickly make a unique comic character. ... Read More »

How to Create a Comic Book Character Online?

A comic book character is a cartoon graphic of a protagonist in a story presented to a viewer through panels. Most comic book characters are drawn by hand offline, scanned into a computer, and then... Read More »