Who was the first man President Lincoln asked to command the Union Army?

Answer The first man that Lincoln asked to lead the Union Army in the Civil War was Gen. Robert E. Lee. Lee declined the offer because of loyalties to his home state of Virginia, which had sided with the... Read More »

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Why was Lincoln dissatisfied with the performance of George McClellan's command?

McLellan simply wasn't getting results.He spent so long making preparations that his plans never got off the ground.As he was also politically opposed to Lincoln, this caused some of the cabinet to... Read More »

What is command of the army act?

An act issued in 1867 that forced Andrew Johnson to issue military orders through the general of the army (then Ulysses S. Grant) instead of directly to the south.

What is the chain of command in the army?

General of the Army, Theater Commanders, Army Commanders, Corps Commanders, Division, Brigade, Battalion, Company Commanders.

Where does the president get his authority to command military?

The US Constitution names the President the Commander in Chief of the Military