Who was the first kamen rider?

Answer The first Kamen Rider was Takeshi Hongo .

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Which is the strongest between kamen rider decade and kamen rider diend?

decade as he can destroy worlds and fight all the hesei riders together plus diend and not die in three seconds

What are the names of the kamen riders in kamen rider ryuki?

i only know there American name Dragon knight, Wing knight, Incisor, Torque, Camo, Thrust, Sting, Strike, Spear, Siren, Onyx, Wrath, Axe, Zaviax (edit: Kamen Rider Ryuki characters go as following ... Read More »

How do you get kamen riders in kamen rider climax heroes ooo wii?

Who is the best kamen rider in kamen rider ryuki?

most likely it will be ryuki, since in episode final the movie, ryuga was able to defeat ouja easily while ryuki was able to defeat ryuga that makes him stronger then ouja who had 3 contract monste... Read More »