Homosexual adoption?

Answer is gay parenting right?yes its right in the sense that homosexuals should be allowed the chance to adopt, why should we discriminate on the basis of sexuality? it's been proven that a homosexual co... Read More »

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Is Andy Griffith homosexual?

Not even close. He is married to his third wife at present.

How to Have a Homosexual Friend?

Just found out that your friend is homosexual? Value your friendship too much to lose this friend due to High School stereotypes? This guide will teach you to keep your friend.

Can homosexual(ism) be cured with therapy?

There are many who have been 'cured' by prayer to the God of the Bible. You might want to check this out using the link below.

Is it true that 30 percent of the US Marines are homosexual?

No, such as allegation is a blatant falsehood that was probably cooked up by a bitter reject who couldn't cut it in the Corps. Marines also do not beat their wives and molest their children, there ... Read More »