How much money can you give to a presidential candidate?

Answer $50 000

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How many signatures are needed to be an independent presidential candidate?

Independent candidates seeking to be on the primary ballot need approximately 112,251 signatures (a percentage of all registered voters) in the Democratic primary and approximately 141,001 in the R... Read More »

In how many presidential elections have we had only one candidate?

Three presidential elections are considered unopposed: George Washington in 1789 and 1792 and James Monroe in 1820. However, even in those three elections, electoral votes were cast for other cand... Read More »

Which 1968 presidential candidate had the support of Lyndon B. Johnson?

After he withdrew from the 1968 election, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared his support for Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Johnson had a long-running feud with Robert F. Kennedy that started wh... Read More »

Why doesn't either presidential candidate mention Foster Care reform Do you think it is worth it?

Unfortunately the welfare of children, especially foster children, doesn't even make the list. When women wanted to gain the right to vote, which women fought for in America since before the Civil ... Read More »