Who was the first business to put cell phones in public?

Answer The first public cell phone service provider was Motorola Communications Systems. Martin Cooper, the general manager of Motorola's Communications Systems Division, made the first public cellular t... Read More »

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Is Nokia still in the business of making cell phones?

As of 2010, Nokia is still in the business of making cell phones. Nokia launched its first modern cell phone, the Nokia 1011, in 1992, and by 1998 became the world leader in mobile phones, accordin... Read More »

Should cell phones be banned from schools when cell phones help in emergencies?

On One Hand: Cause More Problems Than SolveCell phones can help students in emergencies but may cause more problems than they solve. Problems reported by Public School Review include the use of mob... Read More »

When did the first cell phones come out in nz?

Was Martin Cooper the first inventor of cell phones?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone, making the first call on a portable phone on April 3, 1973. Cooper demonstrated his Motorola Dyna-Tac on the streets of Manhattan, calling his rival at Bell L... Read More »