Who was the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church?

Answer According to the Catholic Church, Simon Peter was the first Pope. Peter was one of the original apostles and was from Bethsaida. He worked before becoming an apostle as a fisherman with his brother... Read More »

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When were the first Roman coins minted?

The first stamped Roman coins appeared at the beginning of the 3rd century BC. These early coins were called Aes Signatum and were made of bronze. The Aes Signatum coin weighed 1600 g.References:UN... Read More »

What was the first Roman history written work called?

The first Roman history written work was undertaken by Quintus Fabius Pictor and began with the founding of Rome. This work was written in Greek, not Latin. Unfortunately, both the title of this bo... Read More »

The first NASA spacecraft to land on the moon was named after which roman god?

Who was the first king of ancient Egypt?

Menes or Meni was the first Egyptian pharaoh, and may also have been called the Scorpion King. He united Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100 BC. Scholars generally agree that Narmer, who is also cred... Read More »