I found out recently that my wifes child that was adopted in 1991..?

Answer This is disgusting Dave.No adoptee should be told lies.Your wife didn't ruin his life - the adoptive parents did.Keep that front and centre. THEY DID THIS.And they are continuing the hurt - by keep... Read More »

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How much of a threat are bees in the house to your two-month old daughter if occasionally you find bees in your house and most often they are dead but recently one was flying around?

Answer Me personally I wouldn't let a bee near a young baby, in case he/she is allergic, I just wouldn't risk it at all. And the dead ones who's to say it hasn't already bit someone??

My mom recently found out that i smoke weed and im trying to tell her why i shouldn't be in troble for it?

Because it's not alcohol, its not "i'm/my girlfriend is pregnant", it's not crack, its just a magical little plant that makes living life a little easier.

How to Become a Cage Fighter?

A "cage fighter" is a Mixed-Martial-Arts (M.M.A.) fighter who sometimes fights in a cage (or octagon, or a boxing ring in Pride). The fighter wins by knocking out, or putting the opponent in a subm... Read More »

Found a dead cockroach that wasn't there a couple hours earlier, what happened?