Who was the electromagnet inventor?

Answer In 1825, William Sturgeon invented the very first electromagnet. His first electromagnet was simply a horse shoe shaped piece of iron with coil wrapped around it. When he ran a current through the ... Read More »

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How to Create an Electromagnet?

How to create an electromagnet with some copper wire and a nail.

How Is an Electromagnet Produced?

An electromagnet is a magnet consisting essentially of a soft-iron core wound with a current-carrying coil of insulated wire. The current in in the wire magnetizes the core. An electromagnet can ... Read More »

Who invented the electromagnet?

The electromagnet was developed in a series of steps by more than one person. Hans Christian Oersted, André-Marie Ampère and Dominique François Jean Arago are credited for the discoveries that l... Read More »

How to Make an Electromagnet?

Magnetic fields are produced when all the electrons in a metal object are spinning in the same direction, either as a natural phenomenon, in an artificially created magnet, or when they are induced... Read More »