Which organization is headed by a civilian director and executive director an air force colonel who assists the director?

Answer air force center for environmental excellence

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Movie about a black girl who has fair skin and denies her black black heritage and her mother is a servant for a wealthy white family made in the 50's or 60's?

Who was the director of the movie"Jingle All the Way"?

Brian Levant directed "Jingle All the Way," a 1996 comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also credited with the 2005 movie "Are We There Yet" and 2010's "The Spy Kid Next Door," Levant is a gradua... Read More »

Who is your favorite movie director?

hey logan :)my favourite movie director is Andrei Tarkivosky. BA: Slow, long takes and kind of arty camera shots- but it never feels really pretentiousBA2: I've seen 6- Andrei Rublev, The Sacrifice... Read More »

In a movie what does the Director of Photography do?

The Director of Photography (or DP) is in charge of what the film looks like, in the sense of its cinematography. They are in charge of the camera and lighting crews and deal with the technical asp... Read More »