Who was the dictator of Mexico during the Alamo?

Answer Santa Anna was the dictator of Mexico during the battle at the Alamo, fought from February 23 to March 6, 1836. Although victorious at the Alamo, Santa Anna lost the war when Texans captured him la... Read More »

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Can we all agree that Kim Jong Il is the least stylish dictator in the world?

Well, you can't blame the man. It's really hard to find stylish clothing that small.

How long does it take to get from Mexico City, Mexico to the Mayan ruins?

According to, there are over 20 sites where you can view Mayan Ruins. The closest one to Mexico City is the site at Palenque. The trip from Mexico City to Palenque will take approxim... Read More »

How are American blacks treated in Mexico- I am a student considering going to Mexico to teach abroad. I am half black and white but can look Cuban Dominican etc. to some. Will I be denied a job?

Black people is much less common in Mexico than in the United States: you can expect more attention as you are of "exotic nature" and most Mexicans are very puzzled when they find out there is an A... Read More »

Where is Los Cabos, Mexico& Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

Located on the south tip of the California Baja Peninsula, the beach resort city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico sits at the very point that the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Cabo San Lucas is t... Read More »