Who was the child that divorced his parents?

Answer who ws the child that divorced his parents and what year did he do it

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Is there a law that states that a 15-year-old child and older can choose between parents when the parents are divorced?

AnswerThe child does not actually get to choose where they live. At 15, the judge will take the child's wishes (along with other things) into consideration, but in the end, it is the judge that mak... Read More »

Can a child of divorced parents be covered under both parents' insurance plans and if so does this need to be disclosed to the insurance companies?

Answer YesYou only need to disclose it if they ask you. Which I'm sure they will on a claim form. You can't collect twice. Just up to the amount of the total bill. There are "supplemental" plan... Read More »

For those who have relinquished a child: If the adoptive parents divorced, are you angry?

As many many mothers are pressured to surrender their children for adoption so that the child has "a 2 parent family" they have every right to feel betrayed if this promise is not kept. And of cou... Read More »

Who is responsible for paying a child's medical bills if the parents are divorced?