Who was the chemist that discovered hydrogen?

Answer Chemist Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen as a new gas in 1766. Previously, English chemist Robert Boyle in 1671 described the gas as a result of experiments, but it was the Englishman Cavendish ... Read More »

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Which chemist discovered hydrogen?

Henry Cavendish, a chemist and physicist from England, discovered hydrogen. He made this discovery by observing what he called inflammable air, which occurred when zinc or iron produced gas after b... Read More »

What English chemist discovered hydrogen?

Henry Cavendish, an English scientist, discovered the chemical element hydrogen. In 1766, Cavendish published a paper on gases produced in the laboratory in which he described producing and collect... Read More »

Who discovered hydrogen gas?

T. Von Hohenheim is considered to be the person who discovered hydrogen gas. His discovery was accidental, made when he was mixing acids and metals. Antoine Lavoisier named the element "hydrogen" s... Read More »

Who discovered heavy hydrogen?

Heavy hydrogen was discovered by an American chemist named Harold Clayton Urey. In 1934, Urey won the Nobel Prize for chemistry for this discovery. Heavy hydrogen is also known as deuterium.Source:... Read More »