How to Be a Good Guitar Player?

Answer Learn how to be a good guitar player both technically and musically

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How to Be Noticed as a Guitar Player?

Are you a great guitarist? Do you want to be known for your guitar skills and not be some random guy? This article will help you no matter how unknown you are to the world.

R&P ~ Who do you consider to be the best acoustic or electric guitar player?

this could be a neverending list. I would have to say Jimi Hendrix is the best. He was before his time with the things he accomplished on guitar. with that being said, one could throw in clapton to... Read More »

How to Play Guitar With a Saxophone Player?

Playing with other musicians is perhaps one of the best ways to increase skill levels on your own instrument and learn about others. Guitar and saxophone players come together in many forms of musi... Read More »

How to String a Guitar for a Left Handed Player?

A guitar, for a left handed player, is just the same as that of a right handed player with the only exception being that everything is reversed (mirrored) and that the nut slots are reversed (at th... Read More »