How to Become a Drummer?

Answer Drumming is a good activity for those who love to listen and create music while concentrating on rhythm.

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Who is the drummer for toto?

TOTO was formed in 1976 by two longtime friends and studio musicians, drummer Jeff Porcaro and keyboardist David Paich. Jeff Porcaro served as drummer for the band until his untimely death from a h... Read More »

Who do you think the best drummer is in history?

Sorry this question cannot be answered the way you want it to be answered. As there is no such thing as best drummer. There are hundreds of great drummers. But one that is the best. No such thing. ... Read More »

What was the drummer's name on the Muppets?

Animal was the name of the drummer, apparently based on Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.

Muppet drummer's name?

"Animal" is the name of the drummer from the Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem band .