Who was the author of"The Sun Also Rises"&"The Old Man and the Sea"?

Answer American author Ernest Hemingway wrote the novels "The Sun Also Rises" and "The Old Man and the Sea". A few of his other important works include the novel "A Farewell to Arms", the short story "Hil... Read More »

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When did this annual message become kown as the state ofthe union address?

What does it mean by "Author withheld" in YouTube comments Who removed the comment YT or author?

It means The person who commented, has deleted his own comment.

How were the covert operations ofthe cia in guatamala and iran diffrent from the military operations of the us army in korea?

How to Be an Author?

So you have an interest in writing and want to try writing a book? Writing is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that anyone can do. Read on to find out how.