Is there any more episodes after wizard of Waverly place who will be the family wizard?

Answer No because it has been said that Selena Gomez has quit but I'm not sure. I do know that there will be no more episodes though

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Who wins the wizard competition in family wizard?

It first appeared that Justin won the competition, but before he is named family wizard he admitted that Alex was in the lead and stopped to assist him, allowing him to win. Alex is named family wi... Read More »

What does it mean by "Author withheld" in YouTube comments Who removed the comment YT or author?

It means The person who commented, has deleted his own comment.

How to Be a Wizard?

Wizards are those who practice magic, and are wise in their ways of doing so. For those who want to be a wizard, or other practitioner of magic, this is the page to be at.

How to Draw a Wizard?

Wizards are known by many names, like mages, magus, sorcerer, magicians and so forth; These are fictional characters that have studied and practice magical arts, able to control elements and consid... Read More »