Who was the alter ego of Latka Gravas?

Answer Latka Gravas was a character played by comedian Andy Kaufman on the TV show "Taxi." Gravas was supposed to be from an Eastern European country, but he wished to be more American, so he took on the ... Read More »

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How do you define alter ego?

According to Encarta, an alter ego (Latin for "the other I") can be broadly defined as "a second side to somebody's personality, different from the one that most people know." This "second side" c... Read More »

How do I alter a .gif file?

Opening the FileOpen the .gif file you want to edit in your editing software. You can use software such as GIMP, Photoshop, Paintshop or similar programs. To open the .gif file, click on "File" and... Read More »

How to Alter a Smock?

A smock is an outer garment, often coat-like, that is used to protect your clothes while engaging in messy activities. It is important to make sure that your smock fits correctly, as an oversize sm... Read More »

How do I alter a PDF file?

Purchase or Rent AdobeLocate or purchase a copy of Adobe Acrobat. This can be downloaded from the Adobe site at an approximate cost of $300. If you don’t have enough Adobe Acrobat alterations to... Read More »