What is the 1998 F-150 bed size?

Answer The bed size for a 1998 Ford F-150 truck varies depending on the truck trim. The length of the bed is between 78.80 inches and 97 inches. The width at the wheelwell is always 50 inches, while the w... Read More »

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How to Replace the EGR in a 1998 5.4?

The EGR valve recirculates the exhaust flow to ensure the 5.4-liter engine burns the fuel more efficiently. The 5.4-liter is a standard engine in Ford trucks and Ford SUVs. The EGR valve is located... Read More »

Specifications of the 1998 KTM 300?

The 1998 300 EXC Enduro is a dirt bike developed by KTM, an Austrian motorbike firm. This particular model hit the market in 1997 and was discontinued in 1999. From its humble beginnings at Hans Tr... Read More »

How to Put on a Belt for a 1998 GMC 5.7?

The 1998 GMC trucks with the 5.7-liter engines have a single belt that operates all of the front engine accessories. This belt controls the water pump, the air conditioner pump, the power steering ... Read More »

1998 Corvette C5 Specifications?

Chevrolet's C5 is the fifth generation Corvette, introduced in 1997. One of the 1998 models, a convertible unavailable the previous year, was chosen as a pace car for that year's Indianapolis 500 r... Read More »